Thank you so much for your interest in participating in the Life Set Free offerings! 

Are you ready to be set free by retraining your habits and your relationship with food, lose weight naturally with real food combinations and gain more control over your eating habits and throughout social eating occasions? 

It’s time to get you the tools and support you are looking for to get you on the journey to not just lose weight be get healthy!!

Here are a few more details and what you need to do next to get set up to participate in the Life Set Free Challenges that begin in June!

These 30 Day and 3 month challenges will include the tools you need to focus on your health and weight loss journey and provide you the foundation to support your changing body through this process. The challenge will include a food plan to follow, exercise recommendations, and some amazing support tools to get you moving in the right direction to renew your health and reach your goals. You will have the support of the coach and the group walking this road together to help you stay focused to be successful! This special challenge will also include extra tips and information to help you start the year well in various areas of your life. Recipes, ideas, and meal plans will be shared over the 4 - 12 weeks to help you make lasting progress towards your health goals.


You will be given a roadmap…instructions on what you will do, and what you will need in detail once you complete the steps below and are added to the Facebook group. After completing the steps below, you will be added to the group beginning June 5th to have time to prepare for the start day of May 12th. The most important preparation is getting set up as outlined below so you have the tools necessary to do this challenge!

The bulk of this challenge will take place within a private Facebook group for both the 30 Day and the 3 month programs. The 3 month program has additional bonuses as outlined on the request page. 

If you are also interested in more personalized coaching through this life-changing process and/or want to dive more into creating a healthy mindset, working through challenging areas in your life, and having more one-on-one or small group support, let me know. I have a limited number of spots available for those who qualify. This option is available even if you are not doing the challenge.