The Thanksgiving Survive & Thrive Challenge is a guided dietary transition and habit-retraining program. Over 14 days you will retrain your habits and your relationship with food, lose weight naturally with real food combinations and gain more control over your eating habits and throughout social eating occasions just in time for the holidays!

  • Shred up to 10 lbs of fat in 14 days
  • Stay in control of eating over social and holiday occasions
  • Feel more alive, vibrant, and sexy 
  • Improve digestion
  • Clear sweet cravings 
  • Increase your natural energy & eliminate brain fog
  • Improve sleep
  • Practice healthier eating habits without starving
  • Get delicious & healthy crowd-pleasing healthy recipes
  • Participate in a virtual group format for accountability and support
14-Day Thanksgiving Survive & Thrive Challenge:
The program is for people who are interested in transitioning from a Standard American Diet (highly refined/high sugar diets) to a healthy, balanced eating plan. The program is designed to provide live group coaching support over 14 days and will be conducted through a private Facebook group community. 

What foods you will have over 14 days:
You will get to choose from lists of healthy, balanced foods every day with the flexibility to fit your food preferences while focusing on real, nutritious foods. You will not starve on this plan! You will also learn about making choices away from home and preparing meals that fit the balanced plan. The more disciplined you are with your food plan choices, the greater success you will have.

What you will get:                                                                                          
  • Guide to all the steps to be successful
  • Food Plan details and Healthy Food lists
  • Recipes and ideas for Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings
  • Recommendations on healthy movement to give you the best success
  • Weekly/Daily Accountability and Group Support
  • BONUS - Food & Fitness Planner