What I Do 

 I am a coach, leader, and entrepreneur that can help you transform your life.

* Do you feel like you are STUCK in a cycle of STRESS, OVERWHELM, and OVER-COMMITMENT? *

* Do you find yourself CAUGHT UP in the day-to-day "have to's" but NEGLECT your FAMILY in pursuit of your "goals", and feel the GUILT of never "getting it done" *

* Are you AFRAID to speak up or UNSURE how to handle RELATIONSHIPS without causing HURT feelings? *

* Are you ready to END this cycle and begin to walk in FREEDOM in all areas of your life? *

My Mission 

My Mission

I help stressed, busy, overcommitted, determined wives and moms see the possibilities that await them and guide them through the steps to FOCUS, PEACE, PURPOSE   and PASSION to walk the path that will set your spirit free to be all you have been created to be in every area of your life!

I have been where you are and have found new freedom in my finances, my marriage, my relationships and my businesses! I'm ready to come alongside you on this journey!

* What will your life look like when you are walking in FREEDOM?

"Wendy Clayton has helped me achieve levels of confidence I've never had before." 

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"Wendy Clayton lead me to my best month, ever." 

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 What are you waiting for? 

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